Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wyrdnews: A Blog About What?

Well after a while away from writing on a previous blog I believed that a new start was in order in light of recent epiphanies that I've had regarding the world and how it works.

Wyrdnews then is a blog devoted to a range of subjects which I hope will keep people interested and informed. It will cover important current news and trends, history and the latest technological and scientific findings.

On top of this, I will also be trying to incorporate interesting homestead ideas and survivalism into the blog too, skills which given the current state the world finds itself in today may be relied upon relatively soon. I will be doing a series called 'Get-Out', which will follow my own experiences as I begin a more active outdoors lifestyle, and I will do equipment reviews and diary accounts of a noob heading out into the wilds for the first time.

I do have plans in the near future of doing sponsored charity events which will obviously be advertised and written about in due time.

Lastly, I also plan on including articles and stories of a more esoteric nature, commenting on topics of a more 'out-there' perspective which I hope will be interesting and informative.

For those of you wondering about the name of this blog, it means 'Fate News', but 'Wyrd' (pronounced as the modern word, weird) is Old English. The logo is not my own creation either, it is actually the logo for the German car manufacturer 'Wanderer', which was swallowed up by the Audi company. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can be of interest in the future!

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